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Sharon Turrentine Physical Fitness

Sharon encourages women to email her with their fitness questions


Sharon Turrentine


I was born on D-day, the sixth of June, 1944. This is the day our boys landed on the shores of Normandy and turned the tides of the war, making our nation the great nation it is today. I have lived my whole life knowing that in all likelihood, as I was taking my very first breath, a soldier was taking his last breath, with the satisfaction in his heart that he provided a free nation for millions Americans, just like me in which to live.

I urge you all to stand strong behind all that America stands for.

God Bless America! (Click to hear Sharon sing it.)
Click here to hear more of Sharon's singing.

Sharon is a Certified Physical Fitness Specialist who designed physical fitness/body shaping programs for women for many years. Though most of the women she designed programs for are in beauty pageant competition, Sharon designed programs for many women who wanted to improve her fitness level and shape. However, in the past 12 years, there have been over 300 women who have competed on a national level that Sharon has designed a program for. Eighty of these women have walked across the Miss America stage, with five of them winning swimsuit and four of them going home with the title of Miss America.


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