Sharon Turrentine obtained her Physical Fitness Specialist Certification on the campus of the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas in 1989. She hosted her own fitness Television Production, Shape UP With Sharon, for nine and a half years on KNOE-TV8, the CBS affiliate in Monroe, Louisiana. She also hosted a children’s Fitness program she developed, KIDPOWER, during part of that time.

Sharon is President and CEO of Sharon Turrentine, Inc., a physical fitness company that she formed in 1989, designing personal physical fitness/body shaping programs for women. She has designed personal programs for thousands of women around the world, including five Miss America title holders. She has traveled the nation conducting seminars for fitness for women, as well as taking part in many fitness-related rallies, conventions, etc. Sharon served as Chairman of the Louisiana Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports  for over 20 years and is now the Honorary Chariman of the Council.

She has been involved with the Miss American Organization since 1974 and served on the Board of the Miss Louisiana Organization for many years. She has also judged many local pageants in Pageantry Magazine Sharon wrote a Physical Fitness Column for Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Additionally, she had the privilege of Judging the Miss Arkansas Pageant. She has recently been asked to resume her fitness columns in Pageantry Magazine which began again with the spring, 2017 issue.

Sharon has studied voice from the age of 6, including some very serious opera training through Columbia University in New York (where, by the way, she sang 7 nights a week in Greenwich Village) and says she loves to share her “gift” with others. “All I ever wanted to do was sing”, is her Mantra.

Sharon has sung in many varied venues. She was a featured entertainer on the Ark La Tex Roundup in Shreveport for four years, which was broadcast on the radio in 48 states and 4 foreign countries. She has entertained at Fairs and Festivals all over Louisiana. For many years she was the featured entertainer at Selman Field, in Monroe, Louisiana, for the reunion of the Pilots and Navigators who were trained there during World War II. She has emceed and entertained at local and state pageants across the nation, and even had the privilege of singing the Star Spangled Banner in the Super Dome for a Saint’s game! One of her highlights, she tells us. But her greatest joy in entertaining was on June 6, 2014. The American World War II Museum is in New Orleans, Louisiana, with a special emphasis on D Day, June 6. 1944. 2014 was the 70th anniversary of that date, and Sharon’s 70th birthday. She was invited to be the only entertainer for this even. She opened the ceremony with The National Anthem, and after medals were awarded to our Veterans of that day that lived in Louisiana by the Consultant General of France, she closed the Ceremony with God Bless America. She says that THIS was the most personally rewarding singing event in her life.

Sharon also does a Spring Concert and a Christmas Concert in the Anthony Chapel at Garven Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas, every year.

Sharon is married; she and her husband have three children and three grandchildren.