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What is your Opinion of a low carbohydrate diet?

There are "good" carbs and there are "bad" carbs. A Low Carbohydrate diet doesn't necessarily help with weight loss. Carbohydrates are the Body's main source of energy, and depleting your intake of carbs also depletes your energy levels, and slows down your metabolism. The "bad" carbohydrates are the simple ones, as in high sugared cereals, cakes, candies, etc. they dissolve immediately in our blood stream as glucose making the pancreas work twice as hard to stabilize. This makes you feel cranky all the time! The "good" carbohydrates are the complexones, as in potatoes, rice, corn, certain fruits. Remember, however, that too much is still bad for you. A high carbohydrate diet can cause weight gain in all but high endurance athletes. The body uses carbohydrates for energy, then when that is depleted, it will begin to burn fat. If the body gets too many carbohydrates, it will never tap into those fat stores and begin to burn fat. Watch foods that are "fat free". Check the label for the carbohydrate numbers and sugar levels.