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Frequently I am asked just how I got into this business of "what I do". I am taking this space to tell my story.

In November of 1980, at age 36, I had 40" hips and extremely low self-esteem. I even dressed in the closet, as I was ashamed of how I looked. My youngest child was about to get his driver's liscense and I had "nothing to do".

Then, on the evening of 4 November, 1980, as I lay in the bed watching TV, the very FIRST Ms. Olympia Bodybuilding competition came onto my screen. While watching all those trim, firm young women compete in their sport, I acquired a yearning for a toned, well-shaped physique. Bear in mind that I was 36 and those women were between the ages of 18 and 22. How I found the inner strength to make this pledge to myself I do not know, but that strength was there for me.

The next day I went to the gym. Now mind you in 1980 there was very little information on the market for women as far as lifting weights to shape their bodies, so the personnel at my gym gave me a high repetition workout with 3 and 5 pound weights. When I got home I KNEW that the women I had seen on TV were doing more than what I had been shown, so I began my research.

As time went on I began competing in the sport of Bodybuilding. I learned, through trial and error, how to shape my physique, yet keep it feminine. What works in the gym for a man, does not necessarily work for a woman. Especially if she is striving to maintain her feminine form without adding too much muscle!

After several years of competition I began to notice that my chosen sport was going in a direction I did not care to go, so I began to rethink what was going on. Then, in October of 1986, I was approached by our local CBS affiliate, KNOE TV8, and asked if I would be willing to experiment with a six weeks, five minute "fitness tips" type of program on the morning show. That program lasted over nine years.

In the springs of 1987 I was asked by the Miss Louisiana Pageant Board if I would be willing to donate my time in helping our Miss Louisiana (once she was crowned) to prepare for the Miss America Pageant. I was delighted by this, as I had spent all those years learning how to shape a female form and wanted to share it with other women. Our Miss Louisiana that year, Patricia Brant, was First Runner Up to Miss America, which was the best our state had ever done (and at that time the swimsuit competition counted 30%). I could not have been more pleased. It's a good thing, as many women in my local area began to call me for assistance as they were preparing for the Miss Louisiana, 1988, Pageant. I worked with a few of them and one of them not only won the state title, but the swimsuit trophy as well! Valerie Brosset. A ballerina. We spent that summer together and when she got to the Miss America Pageant she not only placed in the Top Ten, but won a swimsuit trophy. (The first our state had ever gotten). Well, needless to say, my telephone really started ringing then.

Now I had to stop and think. Just HOW can I reach all the women who want to know, and let them know how easy it is to incorporate a Physical Fitness/Body Shaping Lifestyle into their lives? I began to put together the product you have seen on this website, but kept it on the back burner for another year.

In the Summer of 1989, after Stacy King was crowned as Miss Louisiana, I spent the summer with her and lo and behold, Louisiana won yet another swimsuit trophy. It was time for me to put together the "low cost" program I placed on the market.

Did I say "low cost"? Absolutely. When you consider how much money people are paying a Personal Trainer week after week, $245 was not very much. Plus, with a Personal Manual in your hands, you can go to the gym on YOUR time, when it is convenient, and do not have to schedule appointments with someone else's calendar. It's the best of both worlds. As I am no longer "in business", I am now presenting this Manual to you. Click on the "products" button at the top of this page to find out how you can join the Beauty Builders around the world who have taken control of their physiques!

I am proud of my program. I am proud of the women whose lives I have touched in this very positive way. Physical Fitness can only benefit you, for the rest of your life.