Shape Up With Sharon!

Sharon no longer has products for sale.  However, in you are interested in obtaining a generic Physical Fitness Manual with a complete workout and physical fitness lifestyle designed specifically for women, Send her an email and she will be happy to email it to you with an explanation of how to use it.

The manual is divided into five chapters:



Chapter One: Nutrition

In today's hectic world, eating right can be difficult at best. This chapter not only contains extensive nutritional information but a calorie counter, a chart for "testing" yourself to see if you are eating right, and MUCH MUCH more. Nutrition is the most difficult part of any physical fitness program, and Sharon focuses on modifying eating habits, not "dieting." She provides specific recommendations for how to eat deliciously but sensibly at home, on the road and in restaurants. She provides 14 guidelines for a healthy diet, specific menu recommendations, foods to avoid and what to substitute for them. Daily dietary principles and a chart fot tracking consumption are also included. She provides charts which counts calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat and cholesterol for a wide variety of foods and the same information for fast food restaurant menu items.

Chapter Two: The Workout
This is where you find the gym workout/body shaping guidelines. For each exercise you use, there is a page with a description of both how and WHY to do that exercise with photographs demonstrating it. There are over 40 illustrated exercises in the Manual to choose from.  Sharon's goal is to give you maximum results without making you spend all day at the gym.

The workout exercises eight distinct parts of the body: chest, shoulders, triceps, legs, back, biceps, abdomen and calves. Sharon provides specific reasons why women need to use the exercises she recommends and what impact they will have on the physique.
The Standard Workout is designed to get you started. At the end of the first six weeks, Sharon explains how you can design your own workout routine to best suit your personal needs, using the illustrated exercises provided in the Manual.

Chapter Three: Travel Workout
We are a mobile society, and we need something to do when we cannot get to our normal workout environment. The Travel Workout is designed to be a "maintenance" workout a woman can do in the privacy of her hotel room, ensuring she doesn't lose muscle tone while traveling.

Chapter Four: The Countdown
This chapter contains a workout to begin three weeks prior to pageant competition, vacation, beach day, or whatever your special event is. There is also a "Ten Day Countdown Menu" to help you get as lean as possible for this event!

Chapter Five: Aerobic Activity
Sharon provides you with several types of aerobic activity to be incorporated into your workout regimen. This is any activity that is done for a minimum of 20 minutes that elevates your heart rate. Aerobic activity increases youe metabolism, and burns excess calories, in the event you are trying to lose weight. Additionally, is increases your stamina. We ALL need stamina!